Vitamin E TPGS

Vitamin E TPGS, a water soluble derivative of natural Vitamin E, is a multirole excipient for pharmaceutical drug delivery innovation. Vitamin E TPGS is a non-ionic surfactant used as:

  • solubilizer of poorly soluble drugs
  • absorption enhancer
  • emulsifier
  • vehicle for lipid-based drug formulation
  • antioxidant

Vitamin E TPGS is also used as an efficient source of natural Vitamin E both for therapeutic and nutrition purposes.​

Vitamin E TPGS in drug formulation​ 

Formulation fields: ​
Vitamin E TPGS has been used mainly in oral dosage forms for years but new delivery applications are being investigated in parenteral, nasal, ophthalmic, dermal deliveries​​

- Enhancement of Bioavailability by increasing solubility of poorly water-soluble APIs and by formulation of Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System (SEEDS)​
- Thermal stability for hot melt extrusion as a versatile plasticizer with solubilizer properties and as Antioxidant for sensitive excipients​​​

Track records:​
Formulation using TPGS has been developed for commercial drugs : ​

  • Two anti HIV drugs, AGENERASE® (Amprenavir) soft gel capsules and oral solution and APTIVUS® (Tripanavir) oral solution ​

  • One anti HCV drug, VIEKERA Pack™ (combination of 3 APIs) tablets​



Large quantity ​
ISOCHEM offers large production capacity for both NF grade according to USP/NF monography and API grade according to US Type II drug master file  (DMF number : 23823). Large quantities are supplied upon order and samples for development and qualification are available upon request.​​​

Research products​
ISOCHEM offers TPGS analogues with Polyethylene glycol chain molecular weight of 400, 1500 and 2000g/mol. Standard TPGS has a Polyethylene glycol molecular weight of 1000g/mol. 

Technical and Quality support​
ISOCHEM offers to its clients :​

  • technical support for storage and handling​

  • information for quality and pharmaceutical regulatory​

For more detailed technical support, please contact us

Reference:  Yves Robin, Pharmaceutical Technology - January 2015

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