1974: ISOCHEM created in Gennevilliers​

1977: Pithiviers (ex. Agrifarm) site opened​

1979: first U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) audit and approval; export market development​

1990: ISOCHEM joins Groupe SNPE ​

1991: ISOCHEM acquires Vert-le-Petit site (ex IRCHA Fine Chemicals and Propeptide)​

2003: acquisition of the Pont-de-Claix platform and the Hungarian subsidiary Framochem​

2010: acquisition of ISOCHEM by the German industrial holding company Aurelius AG​

2012: acquisition of Wychem company (UK)​

2014: sale of Framochem subsidiary​

Initially specialized in the extraction and hemisynthesis of natural substances such as quinine, ISOCHEM has gradually expanded its expertise in multi-step industrial production encompassing a variety of operations including Grignard, Friedel-Crafts, Sandmeyer, Vilsmeier-Haack reaction, deprotonation using butyllithium, reduction using metal hydrides and hydrogenation.​

In the 1990s, synergies with Groupe SNPE enabled ISOCHEM to implement new technologies such as phosgenation, nitration and manufacture of amino-acid derivatives like NCAs, UNCAs and peptides.​